Concerning History is a blog written by students of history who, after graduating college, have found themselves with one foot in the halls of academia and one foot outside. While the end of deadlines and reading loads came as a relief at first, the absence of our courses and our comrades have left us without the usual outlets for historical conversation that we had come to appreciate. After countless exchanges across all manner of messaging and social media platforms, we decided that perhaps we could record our various historical musings in a format that might reach farther than our phones. We’re a casual blog at heart, and we hope you enjoy reading through it as much as we’ve enjoyed composing it.

Though most of us met and became friends within the Civil War circles of Gettysburg College, our interests and passion for history extend far beyond nineteenth-century America. From the ancient world to the modern, you’ll find material spanning six continents and a whole host of topics, themes, and sub-disciplines. We tangle with questions of responsibility, relevancy, and how we approach the study of history itself, yet enjoy our topics so much that you’ll just as often find us reviewing our favorite television shows or nerdily connecting historical themes to pop culture franchises. In short, you’ll find us engaging with any issue, any topic, any idea concerning history.

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At times, we will share posts from authors other than our regular contributors. If you are interested in contributing as a guest author, feel free to reach out to our staff.

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