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Concerning Grad School: The View from the Middle

This holiday season, I had more to celebrate than the dawn of a new decade– as of this December, I have passed the halfway point of my three-year graduate school process. Though we’ve discussed grad school here on Concerning History before, my experience at the University of Rhode Island differs from our previous looks in […]... Read More
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Harry Potter and the Mysteriously Lacking Curriculum

Within J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, there are few professors as notoriously dull, both in and out of the narrative, as Professor Cuthbert Binns. As Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s Professor of the History of Magic and the only ghost on the faculty, his role in the original novels can be reduced to punchlines […]... Read More
ScotlandLandscape The Collected What If? Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been

Personal Developments and Reflections on Why I Study History

Above all others, two personal experiences have defined 2018 for me: my acceptance to pursue dual masters degrees in History and Library Science at the University of Rhode Island (which I am now a month into), and a two-week backpacking trip to the cities and highlands of Scotland taken during late May. To me, both […]... Read More
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Civilization: Withstanding the Test of Time (With A Few Dark Ages)

I owe a lot to Sid Meier. In 1991 he released the first installment in what would become the wildly successful series of turn-based strategy games for the computer: Civilization. I received a copy of Civilization II while in elementary school, and have since played every installment in the series up to 2017’s Civilization VI. […]... Read More

Looking Back: A 2017 Historical Retrospective

With 2017 behind us, the staff of Concerning History took some time to speculate what the events of this year might mean to people in the future. As the job of the historian is to consider the past, this task is naturally beyond our expertise and abilities. Nonetheless, we think that a preliminary consideration would be worthwhile for what it says about the experience of living through this year. Throughout our conversation, we’ll be guided by the following question: What will future historians talk about when they talk about 2017?... Read More
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A Nervous World: Present Day Reflections from Austrian History

In my previous post, I took a moment to reflect broadly on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an anachronism in its own time and an Empire very much lost to history, its legacy splintered across central and eastern Europe. As I explained then, imperial Austria’s history is of special interest to me for these very reasons which […]... Read More
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The Strange Longevity and Disappearance of the Habsburgs’ Patchwork Empire

The great modern European empires we read about in our history books are gone. British, French, German, Italian, and Russian imperial ambitions all collapsed, in turn, over the various disasters which befell their empires during the course of the twentieth century, suffering from two world wars, occupations, revolutions, and the ever-blowing, seemingly inevitable winds of […]... Read More